Alexandria, 25 BCE

Alexandria, 25 BCE. Roman surgeon, and amateur historian, Pastorus Marcus Galenus, had been studying local burial rituals and became increasingly obsessed with the notion that, whilst ridiculous in the eyes of Roman logic, the lending of immortality through mummification might indeed be possible. History records scant details of his grisly experiments – other than that they may have happened – but a letter written shortly before his death suggests that Galenus believed that he was close to success.

“…whilst the mummy itself cannot walk into the Afterlife, its essence may do so through [obscured] and may [obscured] perpetuated, and live on in many vessels.“

A few copies of the letter are known to exist, but all are defaced in the same places, with even sophisticated, modern imaging techniques failing to reveal what was originally written.

Draft introduction to The Lemure in the Closet