Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a fella whom we shall call Smiffy. Smiffy, working in the boring technology sector, had in mind to do some creative writing that, at the time, decided he wanted to make semi-anonymous. To this end, he created a nom-de-plume based on the title of a marvelous book by the late, great, Dr Seuss; thus was Schamiyam born.

The domain, schamiyam.com, was registered, but languished for years in an Internet wasteland, the writing having never taken place. Back in the latter half of 2014, Smiffy took a turn at the Twitter rotation-curation account, @wearewordvomit* (in hiatus, at the time of writing,) and the urge to resume creative writing grew. A separate Twitter account seemed appropriate and, at the same time, the new social media channel, Ello, was born. Since the @smiffy handle was already taken on Ello, Schamiyam was rescued from the wasteland, dusted off, given a couple of beers, and control of @schamiyam on Twitter, and @schamiyam on Ello.

Schamiyam (AKA Smiffy) pondered the most appropriate channel for writing about writing. Twitter is OK up to 140 characters, but it takes far more characters than that to write an article about, say, character development. Ello does not have the character restriction, but how long will this nascent service be around? Only time will tell. The perceived need for a place for writing longer articles that did not have the risk of disappearing overnight, coupled with the fact that the schamiyam.com domain was already registered, led to the creation of this WordPress site.

So now you know.

The end.


* Storify here